Delivery will be made to different areas in Aberystwyth and surroundings only on specific days. Please Note:  Different partners will have different schedules and zones for delivery. We will aim to keep you up-to-date with this as best possible.


Where do you deliver to?:  Please take a look at our Delivery Schedule page to find out when we deliver to your area.

What is the charge for Delivery?:  There will be a £4.50 delivery.  

How often should I order?: We suggest ordering as much as you can each individual order to ensure delivery drivers or yourselves are out in public as little as possible.   And of course it is works out better for you that way!  Please see individual supplier pages for delivery details.   

Why charge if you're collecting?: These charges will ensure that only what food is required will be prepared to reduce food waste. 

Doing our bit!:  For every delivery, £1 of this charge will be donated to  purchase food for the less fortunate and front-line staff during this crisis we are all facing!  Stay strong everyone!  And if you don't need to leave your house, STAY HOME!


Please Note:  Due to the urgency of getting this website live we will be launching the full bilingual one in the next few days.

We are proud to launch this website to offer online ordering for local businesses. 

Our hope is that YMAICHI will become a hub for your local shopping requirements, whilst supporting small businesses in this current crisis for many sectors. 

Our delivery charge will be a standard £4.50 for delivery & £1.50 for click & collect. £1 of our delivery charge will go towards purchasing food for the ones that need a little help at the moment as well as for our amazing frontline staff! Thank you for all you’re doing for us! 

We would encourage you to consider what you require for the next 7 days as we are aiming to coordinate deliveries to certain areas on certain days of the week.

This ‘project’ is not-for-profit! It is to cover the administration and logistics coordination. 

More partners and products will be added over the next few weeks!  Watch this space!

Best wishes to you all!

#SocialDistancing #StayHomeSaveLives

Our Aim & Ethos


We are determined to do something for the local community during this trying time.  And everyone,  please look after each other!


Over the next few weeks we'll be adding different local food businesses on to this site - they will range from butchers to bakers


Watch this space!  We'll be launching our ready made meals service soon!  Our aim is to provide you with meals that you can heat or re-heat yourselves!

So, why YMAICHI?  It's pretty simple really!...

YMA I CHI in Welsh = 'Here for you'

We're here to make sure that all of you are ok during this testing time for us on a global scale!

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