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Go-Cat with Beef, Chicken and Added Liver 340g

Go-Cat with Beef, Chicken and Added Liver 340g


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Tasty and 100% complete nutrition. Made with selected quality ingredients. Great Taste from the nation's favourite!. Toned muscles - supported by high quality protein. Healthy teeth and bones - supported by essential minerals and vitamin D. Urinary tract health - supported by the right balance of minerals. The Go-Cat® promise - great taste, by Purina experts, 100% complete nutrition Your cat's unique personality brings something very special to your home, adding joy to your lives. That is why Go- Cat® provides him with the food he loves and needs, so he can continue to surprise and delight you every day. And that is why every product we make comes with the Go-Cat®Promise, our commitment to you that always guarantees: A range of great tasting products for him to enjoy. 100% complete and balanced nutrition including high quality proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that supports your cat's health, vitality and happiness. Made by Purina experts with over 85 years of experience in pet nutrition. Go-Cat® - so he can continue to bring that special something that makes your house a home. Go-Cat® offers a great range of products to suit every age and lifestyle: Kitten - For healthy growth of kittens. Adult - For healthy body condition. Senior - Tailored nutrition for mature cats. Indoor - Helps reduce hairball development in Indoor cats. Crunchy & Tender - Two delicious textures of crunchy and softer kibbles.
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